Master Class - Depression: Kick It Out Of Your House!

Spiritual Healing Coach and Art Therapist, Pamela Sherrod, has worked with many famous celebrities, but she believes that everyone was born to shine like a star, and here, you literally become the star . . . while you heal! Her innovative approach to spiritual healing incorporates nearly everything from "finger-painting to filmmaking" (video production).
And Pam's personal motto is "God is Love. So, whatever you do, whatever you create, do it with love."
So, pick up a paintbrush and camera and tap into your amazing gifts!

Start each day in prayer and deep meditation, promoting health and peacefulness, as you ascend to higher consciousness and access to the Spirit of love.
Enjoy inspirational videos, then participate in co-producing your own!
Create beautiful art pieces  each week that celebrate the healing
power of love!"
Present your 'masterpieces' on a website created just for you with a 'Galleria' and gift shop that showcases wearable art and home décor products that are designed from your artwork!
Create a journal/scrapbook to help you remember important healing/spiritual revelations and store photos
​of your artistry. 
Participate in weekly virtual meetings
and coaching sessions.